Valley Brook Renovation

Our Client on Valley Brook, came to us for a major renovation to their home, after exploring the option of building a new home on their existing lot.  They decided that a major renovation saves about 20% over the cost of a totally new structure.  This project was a total tear down to the foundation.  (We did save the attached carport, because it was grandfathered in the side yard setback.)  Below is a list for Statistics on the project:

  • The end result was a new 3600 sqft home on an old foundation.
  • Time to permit 1 month.
  • Time from permit to C.O. 7 months
  • Cost of construction N.A.
  • Air Tightness of home 2.21 ACH at 50 pascals.  (Old Masonry Fireplace prevented us from getting a tighter home.)


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Costs of Custom Homes

I receive about 50 inquires a month and the first thing most people want to know is: What does it costs to build a custom home?

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