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    Are You Sure Your Building is Certified?

    If you ever question the value of green building certification, run a search for press releases touting LEED certification for new projects. I see hundreds of these releases every week. But if you are purchasing a LEED building or space, how can you ensure that it truly is LEED certified?

    Fidelity National Financial (FNF) created the LEED Project Certification Data Report(LEED Report) to address this issue. The LEED Report allows parties to “obtain data regarding a LEED project’s certification status” for $1500 per project.

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    Reading the Green Building Tea Leaves

    I am trying to make sense out of a number of different events that will be shaping the design, construction and green building industries for the foreseeable future. Maybe you can help me make sense out of it all. Here is what I am seeing:
    Something is going on with LEED

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    Breaking: USGBC Moves Quickly To Revise Challenge Policy

    On September 17, 2010, the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) published a revised LEED Certification Policy Manual (pdf). The Policy Manual significantly revised the challenge policy, which now reads in part:

    9.3 Basis for an Initiation of a Certification Challenge: GBCI reserves the right to institute investigations and review documentation for any reason or for no reason at all. In addition, GBCI encourages third parties who wish to make a complaint, or bring to light information affecting the grant of LEED certification to do so in the following manner. Parties seeking to submit a complaint or report information affecting the grant of LEED certification must have specific personal knowledge of an event or condition that would prevent a project from satisfying a particular credit, prerequisite, or MPR.

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    USGBC Stands By Its LEED Challenge Decision

    No one is quite sure whether the challengers to the Northland Pines High School LEED certification have grounds for an appeal. But I figured two statements by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) regarding the “appeal” warranted a special blog post. First, Brendan Owens, USGBC’s vice president, was quoted yesterday in ENR regarding the LEED challenge controversy:

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    The Clock Continues to Run On LEED Challenges

    I am wrapping up review of the LEED Certification Challenge Policy. Today, I will discuss the third of three reasons why the challenge policy creates significant risk for parties involved in a project seeking LEED certification:

    (1) Any person can challenge a building’s LEED certification;
    (2) Any and all LEED points can be challenged; and
    (3) A LEED certification challenge can be brought at any time.

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    New World Home,1st LEED Platinum factory built home.

    Mother Nature Network (blog) Weekly LEED roundup – 1/22/10 Mother Nature Network (blog) The church was the first LEED Gold certified house of worship in the Southeast. New World Home – Marietta, Georgia is home to the first LEED …

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