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    INFOGRAPHIC: Enervee Helps You Find the Greenest Home Appliances

    Home appliances drain a significant amount of energy and therefore money. Enervee has built an extensive database of product data to help consumers choose the most energy-efficient appliances and electronics for their homes

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    Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Upcycling With Pallets

    Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets

    From a simple shelf to a complete house, wooden pallets are a fabulous material to upcycle with and what’s more they’re often free if you hunt around your local area or take a look on sites such as Freecycle. Pallets are a great way to turn a mundane and boring looking object into a useful and very trendy furnishings that can be used in many styles of homes.

    Our infographic gives you an insight into the the different types of pallets available – yes there’s more than one type of wooden pallet! You also need ………

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    Kinetic Energy-Harvesting Tiles Generate Power from Paris Marathon Runners

    The Paris Marathon collected around 7 kilowatt hours of electricity during the entire race, which is enough energy to power a light bulb continuously for five days. Schneider Energy installed the tiles at the race as a way to bring awareness to the public of the possibilities of utilizing kinetic energy. Pavegen kinetic-harvesting tiles have appeared in shopping malls, subway stations and stadiums, successfully using the power of foot traffic to help offset

    Read more: Kinetic Energy-Harvesting Tiles Generate Power from Paris Marathon Runners | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building …..

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    Flower Power: A Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Sensor That Monitors the Needs of Your Plants

    Now and again, even the best green thumb could use a little help taking care of their plants. French electronics company Parrot just unveiled a new gizmo at CES 2013 called the Flower Power that makes it easy to monitor the health of your leafy friends. The small branch-shaped device can be inserted into ……….

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    Turkish Students Design dualWash, a Waterless Dishwasher That Doubles as a Kitchen Cabinet

    DualWash is a two sided dishwasher which can also be used as a kitchen cabinet. Waiting to load dirtydishes into your dishwasher and then do it all over again with the rest dirty dishes is our current problem with convential dishwasher. DualWash makes it possible to use full washing performance immediately after a single person completing a meal without wasting your resources (electricity and detergent), simply use one side of this unit. However, when a guest visits you, this appliance offers the advantage of

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    Onyx Unveils All-In-One 330 Watt Plug and Play Solar Panels

    Onyx just announced that they have installed their first 330-Watt “Plug-N-Play” solar panels at their demonstration site in Orlando, Florida. The two all-in-one solar panels have an incorporated micro inverter and a standard US AC power outlet plug that allows the owner to simply plug an extension cord into the panel and then use that chord like an outlet in their home. One of the demonstration panels also has a lithium battery incorporated into the unit that can store power for when the sun isn’t shining.

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