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    George Bernard Shaw and The Marvelous Spinning Shed (LIGHT

    There is something very personal about a work hut. It is a place where first and foremost – work – is done. So right off the bat we need to consider what kind of work is to be done and what are the preferred working conditions of the – worker -.

    As an architect I tend to begin a project by getting to know the person I am working with before I begin to develop a design. I desire to find out what is important to the client. Through experience I have developed an understanding for what works in certain situations and what might be an aesthetic preference. With that in mind I appreciate the fact that each person is different and tends to – see – things differently. That is what makes every project exciting and can potentially lead to new discoveries and wonderful results.

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    Want To Go Live In A Cave? Over 30 Gorgeous Cave Houses To Inspire You

    Stone houses invoke thoughts of dark, cold, and damp places full of creepy creatures. Some cultures have battled these prejudices for centuries, building dwellings deep into rock, and now modern architects are giving it a shot. With all of the warmth and convenience of a suburban home, a cave house is beginning to look a lot more tempting.

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    There Is More To The Local Movement Than Just Food

    I came across this study on “Buying Local”. Granted it is a few years old, but I think it enforces the concept, that we must buy local. This has been the mantra for Eco Custom Homes for many years. Buy Local. I only use cabinets made by a local craftsman, using wood that was reclaimed from local trees. An example of this is the hardwood floors, we installed earlier this year in a Atlanta home renovation project. We used quarter sawn oak flooring, in 6″ to 12″ widths. This wood was produced from naturally felled trees from Atlanta. This lumber was kiln dried in Blue Ridge, GA and final milled in Woodstock, GA. Cradle to cradle, everything on these floors were done within a 50 mile radius of Atlanta, GA. To top it all off, the pricing was inline with store bought products. Please read on and remember to “Buy Local”

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    Will Garden Shed Home Offices Catch On in North America?

    Eco-Hab Uncle Wilco shows us yet another british Garden home office design, the O-Pod. It’s full of green goodness like FSC timber andrecycled insulation, from Aidan Quinn , who previously built the lovely Eco-pod. There are so many of them now

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    Russian Woman Builds House of 5,000 Glass Bottles

    Photos: via siryoga Besides shipping pallets, milk and beer crates, glass bottles are another building material that can be cheap, easily collected and reused, like in this house of 5,000 glass bottles built by a woman in Novoshakhtinsk, Russia…

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    Tiny Transformer Kitchen Occupies Less Than 10 Square Feet When Closed

    ‘small type’ is a modular kitchen created by german designers kristin laass and norman ebelt.
    it is intended to fit into the small spaces and accommodate the diverse habits of its users.
    the focus of the protoype is to provide a smooth work cycle and intuitive operation to those
    using the kitchen. at only 1m² when closed, ‘small type’ serves as a dining table. when the
    table is rolled away, the full capability of the kitchen unit is revealed with a refrigerator,
    induction cooktop, oven, and storage space.

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