Green Building Expertise

Jeff is generous with his time and his consultation fees are reasonable. He recognizes the interest people are developing in Green Building and wants to be on the forefront of consumer education in this exciting industry.

There is a lot of confusion about high performance construction.  The concept of “Greenwashing” has greatly confused homeowners.  In our local market, we have LEED certification homes, Earthcraft, NAHB Green Building, Energy Star V.3, The Challenge Home, Net Zero Home, Passive House, or the new Minergieprogram.  While some of these programs reward you for expensive and complicated systems, other focus on simple solutions for maximizing energy savings.

At Eco Custom Homes, Atlanta, we offer green consulting for residential and commercial construction projects. We have been specializing in designing and building High Performance Homes since 2000.  We are leaders in the Southeast in Sustainable and Passive House Construction.  Our team of specialists helps to build custom homes in Atlanta that are less toxic and offer a healthier, allergy free environment for your loved ones.

To reach one of our specialists for a green consultation, call us at 404 303 7280.

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Costs of Custom Homes

I receive about 50 inquires a month and the first thing most people want to know is: What does it costs to build a custom home?

New Construction: