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    GSA to Abandon LEED Endorsement

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    Energy Star 3.0 Marks First Year

    One year ago, Energy Star 3.0 went into effect with more rigorous requirements and checklists, particularly in the areas of air sealing and HVAC sizing and installation. Many large production builders such as KB Home and Meritage Homes were early adopters of the new system, meeting the criteria months before the changes became mandatory.

    CR Herro, Meritage vice president of energy efficiency and sustainability, and Dan Bridleman, KB Home senior vice president for sustainability, technology and strategic sourcing, talk about what the new approach has meant for their companies and how smaller-sized builders can………..

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    Why Plastic Foam Insulation Is Like a Twinkie: Lessons Green Builders Can Learn From Michael Pollan

    Green building means different things to different people, but improved insulation and reducing energy use is certainly up at the top of everyone’s list. Some of the most effective insulations are made from plastic foam, either in rigid boards or sprayed foams.

    But there are concerns; Architect Ken Levenson recently wrote a controversial article, Why Foam Fails. Reason #1: Dangerous Toxic Ingredients, which was the start of a series that is very critical of foam insulation. I wrote about it inDoes Foam Insulation Belong in Green Buildings? 13 Reasons It Probably Doesn’t and at the Green Building Advisor, the discussion almost turned into a flame war between those who think that plastic foam does a great job, and those who agree with ……….

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    Low-Tech Rainscreen with Charred Wood

    Low-Tech Rainscreen with Charred Wood Jetson Green Zero Cottage — a net-zero energy project pursuing Living Building Challenge, LEED Platinum, Green Point Rated, and Passive House certifications — is finishing nicely. Part of the exterior has a handsome rainscreen of vertical cedar battens and …

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    Water Heaters Should Be The Next Green Initiative

    Our cars are starting to become more eco-friendly. Solar and wind energy are becoming major talking points in the broader moments of the Presidential election. There are even mobile apps that help us get a little bit greener.

    But there are still parts of the home that need serious attention. We waste a lot of water with our traditional plumbing fixtures (toilets, showers, faucets, etc.). Inefficient AC systems can rob you of hard-earned money and drive up your energy use. So-called “phantom” electronicscan keep your energy running all day, every day.

    But, while all of those are problems that should certainly be looked at and fixed, if possible, the biggest problem in our homes that we probably never think about is the hot water heater.

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    All Decked Out: Eco-friendly Deck Sealers

    ‘Tis the season to enjoy al fresco dining, but first you might need to re-stain your deck or patio furniture to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood. If water doesn’t bead up on the surface, it’s time to protect it from the elements to ensure it’ll last a long time.

    Opt for stains and finishes that aren’t comprised of harsh chemicals that may be harmful to your kids, pets and the environment.

    Whether you’re looking for

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