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    A great graphic explanation of the Living Building Challenge

    The Living Building Challenge is the toughest green standard out there, but it is seriously gaining traction as people get to understand it. I have tried to explain how it works (see a short version in Is the Bullitt Center the World’s Greenest Building?) but it is tough to wrap your ……

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    GSA to Abandon LEED Endorsement

    Author name:

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    Low-Tech Rainscreen with Charred Wood

    Low-Tech Rainscreen with Charred Wood Jetson Green Zero Cottage — a net-zero energy project pursuing Living Building Challenge, LEED Platinum, Green Point Rated, and Passive House certifications — is finishing nicely. Part of the exterior has a handsome rainscreen of vertical cedar battens and …

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    A new Living Building Challenge: Community-scale retrofitting

    Green building might be little more than a fringe hippie idea if not for certification. The medals and honors now available through rating systems have enabled a good and altruistic effort to become a highly marketable quality. LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is now the most well-known and well-used certification system, claiming nearly 9 billion square feet of space participating in its various certification programs globally. But it’s not alone, and it’s not necessarily the greenest of the green. The relatively new Living Building Challenge has been steadily gathering fans in the green building community for tougher-than-LEED standards such as net-zero energy and net-zero water.

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    Windowfarms Now Available For Clumsy People With Short Attention Spans

    In 2009 Warren introduced us to Windowfarms, writing that they “take the vertical farming notion and make it both real, and more human scale.” They are “a vertical, hydroponic garden for growing food in your windows.” It became a phenomenon, an open source community of 25,080 windowfarmers around the world. Downloadable plans were provided so that handy types could build their own hydroponic farms out of PET bottles and aquarium pumps. It is a wonderful idea:

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    Net-Zero Certification Spins Off from Living Building Challenge

    The International Living Future Institute (ILFI), owner of the Living Building Challenge, is going where no certification program has gone before with a new Net Zero Energy Building Certification program. Jason McLennan, chief executive officer of ILFI, sees this program as a response to environmental constraints that a growing human population is facing on an already stressed planet.
    Many projects are claiming net-zero-energy status, often based on modeling with little documentation to verify their performance post-occupancy. McLennan told

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Costs of Custom Homes

The first thing most people want to know is: What does it costs to build a 3000 sqft custom home in the Atlanta, GA. market?  The first thing you have to calculate is the square footage you want.  Once you have that, the numbers below give you a good starting point.

Adjusted Square Foot Calculation:

New Construction: