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    Passive Solar Design Basics

    Passive solar design begins with the simple idea that you can build a house that uses natural heating, cooling, ventilation and daylighting. These homes require much less fossil fuel energy to heat and cool than conventional homes do, which is better for the environment and saves passive solar homeowners money. Passive solar homes are comfortable to live in because they are designed to radiate heat in winter, maintain a comfortable year-round temperature, ventilate naturally, and let in plenty of natural light.

    I became interested in sustainable design, specifically passive solar design, as a young architect

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    Living Without Air Conditioning in Texas

    Most people would say it is impossible to live in Texas without using air conditioning in the summer. After all, in the Dallas area we often get 100 plus degree temperatures for days on end. It seems a given that in these conditions air conditioning would be a no brainer. Maybe that is the problem. Society doesn’t really consider alternatives anymore, we blindly follow what others are doing.

    Our family hasn’t used air conditioning in five years. It just is not an option for us. Have there been benefits

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    The South Gets its First Certified Passive House (Beats California to the Punch)

    A rarity in the South. 204House, in Lafayette, Louisiana, was designed and built by architect Cory Saft to earn both Passivhaus and LEED Platinum certifications.

    Although sustainable materials and energy efficient design have found their way into some post-Katrina residential rebuilds on the Gulf Coast, Louisiana isn’t otherwise known for leading the charge to greener home construction. And that puts the house built by architect Corey Saft at the forefront of green housing in the state.

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    Bamboo Screens Shade Stunning French Passivhaus

    french firm karawitz architecture have developed a passive house in bessancourt, near paris, france.

    the house is closed to the north to limit heat loss and opened to the south benefitting from
    free solar energy. aesthetically, it is an abstract replica of a traditional house.

    the second skin of the houses design is untreated bamboo which envelopes the frame in solid wood panels.
    the cladding, which becomes grey over time, drew inspiration from traditional barns in the part of
    the ile-de-france region where the house is situated. it passes in front of the windows to the north
    and finishes by unfolding on to the roof

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    Green Remodeling Workshops Coming to a Town Near You

    Ever since the premier of USGBC’s two-day REGREEN workshop in Phoenix, AZ at Greenbuild last November, Annette, Rob, and I have been gearing up for a slew of green remodeling workshops across the country — the REGREEN Roadshow. The REGREEN workshops are a lot of fun to teach (and take) for two reasons: one, the blend of builder/remodeler with interior design perspectives is completely refreshing; and two, the substantial and substantive group work woven into the workshop makes for an energetic and invigorating approach.

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    nicolas dorval-bory: snow house

    ‘snow house’ all images courtesy of nicolas dorval-bory architect as part of an architectural competition for xella cellular concrete blocks, nicolas dorval-bory architect has developed ‘snow house’, a winter chalet that uses sustainable means to provide home heating.

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