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    Green Builders Set New Trends in Luxury Homes

    Green Builders Set New Trends in Luxury Homes

    Energy efficiency and luxury no longer have to be mutually exclusive, thanks to green builders. Click here to read more.

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    Here’s How Green Home Builders Can Help Combat Climate Change

    Here’s How Green Home Builders Can Help Combat Climate Change

    Energy-efficient homes and green building designs can make a big difference in bringing carbon emissions down and curbing climate change. Green home builders may hold the key in making residential homes eco-friendly. Click here to read more.

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    Heatworks Model 1 Water Heater Cuts Water Use by 40%, Smashes Through Kickstarter Goal

    The Heatworks Model 1 is a next-generation water heater that reduces water use by 40%, slashes energy use by 10%, and delivers an instant supply of hot water. This heater energizes water molecules and senses temperatures 60 times a second to ensure precise and reliable stream of hot water. The water heater is also WiFi compatible, allowing users to control and monitor the unit remotely.

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    Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Upcycling With Pallets

    Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets

    From a simple shelf to a complete house, wooden pallets are a fabulous material to upcycle with and what’s more they’re often free if you hunt around your local area or take a look on sites such as Freecycle. Pallets are a great way to turn a mundane and boring looking object into a useful and very trendy furnishings that can be used in many styles of homes.

    Our infographic gives you an insight into the the different types of pallets available – yes there’s more than one type of wooden pallet! You also need ………

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    Turkish Students Design dualWash, a Waterless Dishwasher That Doubles as a Kitchen Cabinet

    DualWash is a two sided dishwasher which can also be used as a kitchen cabinet. Waiting to load dirtydishes into your dishwasher and then do it all over again with the rest dirty dishes is our current problem with convential dishwasher. DualWash makes it possible to use full washing performance immediately after a single person completing a meal without wasting your resources (electricity and detergent), simply use one side of this unit. However, when a guest visits you, this appliance offers the advantage of

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    Stunning Singapore Home Wards Off the Sweltering Heat with Cool Water Ponds

    The concept developed for the home inverted planning and hierarchical norms common in local residential planning. To fully appreciate the mature and variegated natural environment and stretch the potential for visual depth and distance, the main living room and study were located in a pavilion on the second storey. It was designed with minimal enclosing and supporting structure so as to maximize the elevated vistas. To unconsciously guide visitors to the living pavilion above, a minimal spiral staircase touches down within the entrance foyer. Hints of the tree-lined views are seen through the large circular void connecting …… Read the rest of Stunning Singapore Home Wards Off the Sweltering Heat with Cool Water Ponds

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