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    Passive House Skylights Now Available in the US – PR Web (press release)

    Passive House Skylights Now Available in the US PR Web (press release) Efficiency of the Lamilux FE Energysave model made it the first to achieve class A certification from the Passive House Institute of Germany, creators of the Passive House building standard – a certification which demands some of the most rigorous …

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    Little Green House: A Whole Family in 540 Square Feet — Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

    When Jessica and Yianni bought this tiny vacation house on Sauvie Island, just north of Portland, they decided, instead of expanding on its 540 square feet, to remodel the house to make the best use of the space available. In this modest footprint they created a retreat with ample room for their young family AND for guests, using …….

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    ‘ The Greenest Home ‘ : A Window on 18 Super – Eco Dream Houses – The Great Energy Challenge

    The Greenest Home : A Window on 18 Super – Eco Dream Houses The Great Energy Challenge What is a passive house ? “Simply said,” Moskovitz writes, “a Passive House is a building that is very well insulated, virtually airtight, and primarily heated by the sun.” The interior temperature is designed to stay at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and to …

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    5 Ways To Kick Off Your Green Spring Cleaning With Feng Shui Principles

    HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for winter to come to an end. Adios thermal underwear, hello shorts! Happily, the spring equinox occurs on March 20th this year, which is today! The equinox marks the two times each year at which day and night are equally balanced. In Feng Shui philosophy, the vernal equinox indicates the moment at which the excess of dark, cold, passive yin energy shifts into balance with the bright, hot, active yang energy. We move away from the extended hours of darkness and move into the longer daylight hours. Most importantly, it symbolizes a time for a new cycle of growth and ………………….. Read The Rest Here.

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    Sam Rodell | Architect AIA Publishes Groundbreaking Paper

    Sam Rodell | Architect AIA Publishes Groundbreaking Paper PR Web (press release) In his paper, “The Beauty of Passive Design: Post Industrial Simplicity in Architectural Systems,” Rodell challenges the public to seriously consider emerging building practices, such as Passive House Design and SIREWALL, to reduce oil dependency and … and more

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    5 Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Feng Shui

    This year, Chinese New Year falls on Sunday, February 10th. We say goodbye to the dragon and welcome the year of the snake. There are magnificent parades, dancing in the streets, dragon costumes all around, and the entire continent of Asia is in celebration. But what is Chinese New Year all about? This momentous occasion marks the beginning of spring in the Lunar calendar, a time for new beginnings and renewal. To ring in this new year, why not make some feng shui adjustments to bring some balance to your home? Feng shui is an Asian art……..

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Costs of Custom Homes

The first thing most people want to know is: What does it costs to build a 3000 sqft custom home in the Atlanta, GA. market?  The first thing you have to calculate is the square footage you want.  Once you have that, the numbers below give you a good starting point.

Adjusted Square Foot Calculation:

New Construction: